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Xenarc Car Mobile PCs PC

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Xenarc MP-SC3 Mini P4 Aluminum Car PC
Xenarc MP-SC3 Mini P4 Aluminum Car PC $429 $329

Good for system builders
No CPU (Accepts Celeron or P4 CPU)
No Memory (Low-profile 0.8" SDRAM)
No Hard Disk Drive (Any 2.5" Hard Disk)
Intel 2.0GHz Celeron Processor
256MB PC3200 DDR Memory (0.8" Low-Profile)
40G Hard Disk Drive (2.5" Slim HDD)
10/100base-T Ethernet
3 USB 2.0, 1 Fire-Wire
Drive Option (CD, DVD, CD-RW, etc.)
Product Code: MP-SC3     Mfg Part #: MP-SC3